Stella Johnson is a singer songwriter from Edmonton, Alberta. Whether it be accompanied by her acoustic guitar, or a whole band, Stella Johnson’s music fills any space with power and emotion. Her unforgettable and lingering lyrics mix with poignant musical arrangements creating truly moving performances. Lyrical and deeply rooted in folk music tradition, Johnson’s original music is an experience worth seeing, hearing, and feeling for yourself. Stella's musical influences are hard to narrow down and are varied, some of the standouts are: Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Townes Van Zandt, Black Sabbath, Jack White, The Breeders & Bikini Kill. Stella has been playing as early as 2, rocking out on harmonica while her Dad, Steven Johnson improvised wildly on the 12 string. Stella would joyfully join her Dad on stage at a number of the venues he played at, always feeling very at home on stage. Stella is excited to play a number of shows this summer, along with releasing an EP that is being worked on. Stella is feeling hopeful for her future, as long as music is in it!





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